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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Things to Know About Cancun When Traveling for Vacation

Areal View of Cancun's Hotel Zone
To see a beautiful video (areal view) of Cancun watch this on YouTube.

When traveling to another country such as Mexico, it is important to be as prepared as possible so that you are able to get the most out of your vacation. There are some things that you will need to know about Cancun before your trip. First things first, your passport, without it you are not going to be able to leave and reenter your home country. Make sure to make a photocopy and leave it with someone at home in case you happen to lose yours. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy in your suitcase. Before you leave I recommend you to do a little research on the place that you are going. Some things to consider would be the weather, current exchange rates, things to do/tours while you are there and personal safety.

At certain times of the year the Cancun weather can be a bit unpredictable. Sometimes a small rain shower can pass over or at night, in the winter, it can be a bit chilly on the beach. Bring jeans or a sweater for those occasions. Check to see what the weather will be like for the week before you leave to pack your suitcase accordingly. June, July and August in Cancun is very hot and humid, while September through November can be a bit rainy. There are very few days that it rains all day. December though mid May is typically very comfortable; however the nights can get chilly. As long as you bring appropriate clothing you will always be comfortable.  You can check out our article - How to Pack for the Caribbean for more info and helpful tips. 

Exchange rates are continuously fluctuating and where to exchange your money can make a difference. The first tip to money exchange is to always pay in pesos if you are given the price in pesos and vice versa for US dollars! If you purchase in dollars you will receive change in pesos and not everywhere has the same rate. Unless you carry a calculator, how do you know your change is correct? Exchanging at the airport is easy. You can change dollars to pesos on the way in and change the leftover pesos back on the way out. If you need to take cash from an ATM, try to find an ATM associated with a local bank. If the ATM says you can take out dollars, do not touch it!!! You do not need dollars and the fee is outrageous! Since the lines at the bank are long, the best place to exchange money is the places called “Casa de Cambio” (house of change). You can pretty much find them anywhere in the hotel zone or downtown. Just remember, you have to have your passport to exchange money, there are no exceptions and pretty much no one will accept a $100 bill! For all the information you could need about money exchange go to Dollar vs Peso, Which is better to use?

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Finding things to do in Cancun is pretty easy; however you shouldn't wait until to arrive to book your tours and activities. Depending on the season, some tours can be full when you want to go. Don't spend vacation time making reservations. It is also a good idea to look into the type of tour or specific attraction beforehand. Trip Advisor is a great reference when you are looking for things to do in Cancun. See what tours are rated higher than others and see what others say about it. One great piece of advice is to find a travel agency such as Cancun Best Discounts. This travel agency is unique in Cancun. There are American, Canadian, Costa Rican and Mexican people that make it their mission to make sure that your vacation is an unforgettable one with over 10 years experience in Cancun. They can help you to make reservations depending on what you are looking for, group size, as well as give you all the tools that you need to get the most of your time. They are also great at letting you know what you will need to bring with you for your Cancun adventure. You can check out the article WHY? for more information and tips on how not to get cornswaggled. 

Your personal safety is very important in the United States or outside of it! Cancun is very safe in my opinion; however there are some things to keep in mind. Rule #1, DO NOT go anywhere alone if you have been drinking. This applies to anywhere, not just Mexico! You can always find safety in numbers. People often ask me if it safe to go outside the hotel zone and my answer is yes, again safety in numbers, don’t go alone. People also ask me if Mexico is safe. There are parts of Mexico that are not, typically in the north of the country. It’s like saying if someone was shot in Los Angeles that you wouldn't still travel to New York. My last piece of advice, don’t leave your manners at home. Treat the area and the people with respect.
For a complete guide on how to be prepared for your Cancun vacation, visit the Cancun Best Discounts website and on the home page you will find information on how to make the most of your vacation in Cancun. Cancun is an amazing place to take a vacation, so what are you waiting for?

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